Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Best foot forward- Scholl

Exams are over and to me (and every other student) that means relaxing, unwinding and going out copious amounts with nothing to panic over other than how long you have to nurse your hangover for until you feel okay-ish enough not to vomit/sleep/stay in. It is times like this when that old saying ‘splash out on only two things in life: your bed and your shoes because if you’re not in one you’re in the other’ comes very much into play. So while I’m sleeping off last night in the day, I’m packing my blistery, relatively knarled feet into sky-high stilettos that look more like a weapon than an accessory by night. For this, I blame Sex and The City and Sex and The City alone- but for some reason we torture our tootsies to look and feel amazing...even though I’m not sure how amazing I feel when I look down and see cracked heels, dry hard skin and what can only be described and toes that look like Twiglets.

So you can imagine my glee when my lovely PR guru Jax sent me a big ole package of Scholl goodies to repair my long-suffering unmentionables. I figured I should tackle the hard skin/cracked heel dilemma first. A stylish and comfortable way to moisturise your feet without even noticing let alone dousing your feet in thick cream and then slipping on your kitchen floor are the Hydra Step mules- £24.99. The sole of the sandals are impregnated with moisturising emollients in a squishy, foot-soothing gel that releases into the skin mess and fuss free. However my feet needed dire help...it was time to bring in the big guns. The Hard Skin Range Scholl promotes is fantastic when it comes to sloughing away stubborn skin that makes feet look and feel tough and weathered. Amongst numerous products are the cracked heel repair cream (£5.99) which miraculously turned my painful cracked skin into smooth, painfree and presentable heels within ONE WEEK- that’s 5 nights out for God’s sake...talk about results. The other slightly more new-age hard skin repairing product was the Hard Skin Softening Pen . This pen-like callous buster is small enough to pop in your handbag and discreet enough to whip out in the ladies. It works to soften the smaller areas of the foot like the toes that a hard-skin remover can’t always reach. The formula of salicylic acid and fruit acids work together to banish hard skin again in seven days- I am loving how fast these products work as everything is so fast paced at the moment, who has time to be sat for hours scrubbing and slathering their tired feet?

The last steps just before I slip on my newest (and highest) addition to my shoe family is a quick squirt of Scholl deo-activ fresh foot spray (£3.99) to keep my feet feeling and smelling fresh for 24 hours because after all that work making them look gorgeous, the last thing you want is to be turned off by the smell of them! This instantly refreshes my tired feet in only a couple of squirts (if you were thinking about this like you were getting your feet dressed up for the night out, this would be the perfume stage) and finally a pop on some clear gel blister plasters (£4.39) on my heel and the side of my feet where shoes always rub. So that is the foot equivalent of the ‘mirror check’ and boy are they looking good.

My feet are prepped, preening and pretty for yet another night on the tiles, although this time I won’t be complaining about how bad my feet hurt but bragging about how amazing they feel thanks to Scholl.

Check out all the gorgeous products at www.scholl.com

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Durex: Strawberry sensations!

Whether in a cocktail, in a pie or cake you have never tasted strawberries as sweet as when they are in the bedroom. If strawberries and cream (ahem) is your summer dessert of choice then tuck in to Durex’s new and delicious Sweet Strawberry lube. This calorie-free treat is perfect for adding a bit of sugar and spice to your sex life, zero guilt maximum gain.

This clear but yummy lube is non-sticky, non-staining and non-greasy and is a snip at only £4- so you can’t afford to miss out on this sensual steal. For hours of delectable debauchery that is as delicious as it is durable, Durex Play will never let you down.

When I used it I absolutely loved it. And so did my very compliant boyfriend (I think he got the good deal having a girlfriend who tries out Durex products!). It's affirmative: this lube is fun for both parties and makes sexercises a sweet success all round!

With Durex Play Sweet Strawberry lube you won’t look at a Strawberry Daquiri the same way but if it’s a decision between a cock(tail) and a drink, I know which one I would pick every time! Sweet Strawberry is so deliciously juicy it’s like having the best of both worlds!

Marketing Manager at Durex, Ruth Gresty said: “We’re very excited to be launching Sweet Strawberry Lube and think it will be a fun alternative to all strawberry flavoured sweets! We recently launched our own version of a kinky based Pick ‘n’ Mix to offer people a mixture of pocket sized treats, perfect for a raunchy weekend away. Pick & Licks features condoms and lube sachets for only £1 for all to share.”

Sweet Strawberry Lube is safe to use with condoms and has a non-sticky, non-greasy formula that will leave you wanting more. It is available exclusively online at www.shop.durex.com and Ann Summers stores, priced at £4 for a 50 ml bottle.

No mess, no fuss for getting down to some good clean fun...well, almost.

Friday, 26 February 2010

12 days of Radiance later...

I’m one of those girls who can never have enough. Never have enough of money, of flawless skin, of perfect hair, of second glances as I walk by. Unfortunately for me, I’m broke, my skin’s more corpse grey than luminescent, my hair just sits on my head and, unless it’s a builder, I hardly ever get a first glance let alone a second one. Jokes aside, how often have you been watching Gossip Girl and lusting after that mane of hair that looks the picture of health, or have been flicking through Elle puzzling yourself over how to get that radiant skin tone without airbrushing? A million times? Me too- (I actually lose sleep over this stuff). So just before you think I’m some sort of wannabe Cheryl Cole lookalike- I want to share a secret with you. Femibion is a new range of vitamins just for women- the range is extensive to say the least so whatever you’re coping with, be it stress, pregnancy or it’s just that jolly time of the month again, Femibion has something for you. Wanting it all and getting next to none of it, I reached for the pack I thought could help me at my time of need: Radiance. So, being a little sceptical, I kept a diary which documented general skin, hair and nail appearance to test if Femibion’s Radiance actually worked.
Day 1: Skin: Dull, lifeless and tired looking. More of a beigey pale colour. Bags and dark circles around the eyes much akin to a heroin addict rather than the goddess I want to become.
Hair: Much the same really- slightly limp (think Avril Lavine circa 2001). Over straightened, over heated, over my face to try to cover it up, although I don’t know which is worse.
Nails: As an avid biter they aren’t looking great right now. They’re weak and a bit brittle- God I sound like Gollum don’t I.
Day 5: Skin: Surprisingly brighter! Not quite the flourishing glow I’m after but there is certainly a change. My blemishes seem to be fading too which is an absolute miracle! Still some dark circles but I’m guessing that’s due to too many late night viewings of Secret Diary of a Call Girl.
Hair: Noticeably bouncier and livelier- I swear it might just be me but I think the colour looks better too – either way I’m feeling pretty positive!
Nails: I can tell they’re getting stronger just by looking at them. No longer do I have uneven ridges and peeling layers but a smooth, slightly shiny surface.
Day 12: Skin: Okay, so if you are as cynical as I was then you might not believe me, but frankly I don’t care as I guess seeing is believing...what do I see now? The dewy, healthy, even luminescent skin I’ve always dreamed of. It’s (almost) flawless in tone without a blemish or pore in sight- smug is beyond how I’m feeling!
Hair: My hair is distinctly stronger and looks less damaged. It doesn’t break half as easily anymore and is as glossy as it is luscious! It’s grown too which is incredible for my mid-length locks!
Nails: Strong, hard, neat and polished- need I say more?! I’ve even stopped biting them they look that good now.
I may not look like Cheryl, Angelina or Scarlett but now I don’t even need makeup let alone airbrushing to rival them! Inner beauty really does shine through- so put down your expensive foundations and highlighters, because beautifying from the inside out means you’ll always get a second glance.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Durex Pick and Licks

Kitsch, sleek and adorably retro. Not the words you would associate with condoms is it? ‘Cute’ is not often synonymous with hot, passionate sex but with Durex’s new Pick and Licks it fits together like...well, we are talking sex here so I’m sure you can guess!

These sweet little bags of naughtiness look like old school pick and mix bags, filled with things just as sweet and tasty but not quite so innocent. The whole premise of Pick and Licks is a sort of sexual ‘try before you buy’ (I’m not insinuating you should do this with sex by the way...just the products!).

If you are a slight commitment-a-phobe and don’t want to fully obligate to buying the all of the products as much as you would love to, you can now choose 5 of your favourite condoms and lubes to try and you never know, it might be happily ever after!

After all, who wouldn’t want to try Pina Colada lube one night, an apple condom the next and the 2-in-1 massage lube the night after (if you’re not too tired that is)? It’s the perfect compromise of variety and diversity in the bedroom and won’t get you into trouble...unless that’s what you’re into of course!
So go on, be a little bit choosey, perhaps even a little unfaithful because with Durex Pick and Licks you are allowed to be just a little bit naughty.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Durex Play Time!

When I went round to my friend’s house clutching a package, half nervous, half sheepish to see how she would react, I quickly sat down on her couch with a brew and slight air of anxiety. It was like ripping off a plaster, (quick but not without its wincing) that I opened the package and out plonked three foreign objects all with the scintillating brand name ‘Durex’ staring up at us. It was the perfect reaction from said friend. Squeals of excitement were followed by a frantic grabbing/opening/lubing up session as we realised these weren’t just Durex products- these three items were a sexual rebirth and I for one was more than up for trying them out asap!
Now for those who don’t know me, I’m pretty liberal when it comes to talking about sex frankly. A bit too frankly at times possibly, but still, sex and I have an intimate relationship.

So when I got posted the very dinky, pocket-sized thrillerDurex Play vibrations twinkle’- you can imagine my quivering inclination to miss my seminar, grab my boyfriend and have a ‘duvet day’...ahem. The new Twinkling Play Vibrations has added sparkle which as a girl who loves her sex aids to look slightly girlie, was a glittery treat for the eyes as well as...other...areas! My verdict? All the fun a girl (and boy) can have with their clothes off. The 20 minute battery life is just enough time for both of you to feel the effects of the (surprisingly) strong vibrations- this little vibe is small but oh-so-mighty. Perfect to spice it up between the sheets without reaching for the whips and chains (saying that, my friend thought the vibrating ring would look better in black PVC, but each to their own!).

The other two treats in my Durex bumper package were lubes- but not lubes as you know them. Play Heat is a heat sensitive lubricant that everyone can warm up to. I.love.it. It works especially well if you gently blow on it first to enhance the heat, giving a whole new meaning to ‘blow job’. The other lubey luxury was Play 2-in-1 Massage Mousse- a creamy, squirty mousse that melts into a non-stick, waterproof lube. I gave this one to a friend to try out and report back to me. Her verdict? I’ll read you the text:

‘Sceptical at first, fit of giggles on application, sleepy bf suddenly much less sleepy, v v hot, urmm ‘encounter’ (with minimal stickiness and pleasant fragrance) Bf says 8/10 but he doesn’t know anything. DEFS owe you a drink xx’.

Aren’t I a swell friend?! Well if that wasn’t proof enough that Durex=great sex then I don’t know what is!

Get squirting, playing, lubing, rubbing, giggling, blowing, vibrating and sexing with Durex for healthy sexual wellbeing and balance so get experimenting now!